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The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected life across the globe. Strict social distancing measures, school closures, and, in many locales, a ban on all non-essential businesses have turned people’s lives upside down and thrust us into a surreal existence where we’re spending nearly all of our time at home.

From a real estate perspective, it would be disingenuous to say that nothing has changed. Great agents are honest at all times, even (and especially) when it’s difficult.

That said, there’s no indication that we’re in (or headed toward) a housing crisis like the once-in-a-century 2008 collapse. And, by all accounts, the fundamentals of the housing market remain in place, despite the safety precautions enforced by health and government officials.

What KNE Realty is doing to adapt:

Below are two videos explaining our buying and selling solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic. These in-depth buying and selling processes provide a safe, secure, efficient and effective way to buy and sell your home during a pandemic. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can buy or sell your home without fear or anxiety. Comprised of Southeast Michigan's best Realtors, KNE Realty will provide the same quality service today that it did before Covid-19, just in a different way. Please scroll down to watch our 7-Step Virtual Buyer's Program and Ultimate Home Listing Package. 

KNE's 7-Step Virtual Buyer's Program (For Buyers)

KNE's Ultimate Home Listing Package (For Sellers)

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