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Danny Clausen
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Danny Clausen was born and raised in Alaska and a proud resident for over 30 years.  He began investing in Real Estate at the end of “the crash”, recognizing the great value of property at the time.  He continued to purchase cash flow positive properties over the next few years. This interest in real estate and his desire to help people naturally led him into becoming a Realtor in Phoenix, Arizona. In the fall of 2019, Danny moved to Michigan and joined KNE Realty team to continue his real estate career in The Mitten!
From the first-time home buyer to the seasoned investor, Danny is able to recognize the driving factors of each client and customize service based upon the individual.  Understanding the motivation and the concerns of each client is key to bringing maximum success to all parties. Danny provides his clients with the information and knowledge they need in order to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

In the early 2000’s, Danny was a professional ice skater with a production company out of Santa Monica, CA affiliated with a major cruise line.  This adventure gave him the opportunity to travel to over 65 countries! Managing, directing and training ice skaters and people from nations across the globe developed Danny’s capacity to relate with people from all walks of life.  He has the ability to take the complicated and make it available to everyone (a welcome trait to those overwhelmed first time home buyers!) 
Danny strongly believes that keeping the company of those with great successes allows him to continually learn and develop his skills.  The capacity to absorb different viewpoints, seek unique solutions to problems, work collaboratively with others is paramount to growth and the ability to help more people. In turn, each of Danny’s clients benefit from his desire to endlessly acquire more knowledge.
Danny greatly values the business and personal relationships he has developed and knows trusting your Realtor is paramount to one’s success.  Let Danny be one of your “key players”. He will take his knowledge, patience, and analytical skills and put them to work for you.