Best Bike Trails in the Milford, MI Area

One of the things I love most about summer is biking. And, one of the things I love most about living in the Milford area is the plethora of bike trails within such close proximity. All kinds of trails for all types of bikes, and you can connect up the trails to create the length of ride you’re up for on any given day! Bonus!

Here are some of my favorite trails in this area, as described in Michigan Trails Magazine (

Huron Valley Trail: The 12.5-mile Huron Valley Trail follows along the former Air Line Railway, one of Michigan’s first railroads. From the tunnel under I-96, a western spur of the trail takes you over a steep ridge into the Huron River Valley where you connect with the Island Lake Pathway and Kensington Metro-park Hike-Bike Trail. 

Island Lake Pathway: The Island Lake Pathway offers 4 miles of smooth asphalt trail that meanders through the Island Lake State Recreation Area. At the end of the paved pathway, continue west on Kent Lake Beach Road to connect with Mike Levine Lakelands Trail.

Kensington Metropark Hike-Bike Trail: The 8.5-mile Kensington Metro-park Hike-Bike Trail encircles picturesque Kent Lake, passing along the water’s edge and several recreational amenities that have made Kensington Metro-park one of Michigan’s most popular parks. The paved trail is nicely maintained, and pleasantly curvy, with a few inclines that may require some extra pedal power. Hint: going clockwise is easiest

Milford Trail: Completed in 2009, the Milford Trail travels approximately 5 miles from Kensington Metropark Hike-Bike Trail to Commerce Road (Carl’s Family YMCA) in Milford. This perfectly smooth asphalt trail follows a scenic route through the Huron River Valley, over Hubbell Dam and around Hubbell Pond. When you reach the end of the trail, you can follow Commerce Road into downtown Milford where you’ll find several stores and restaurants.

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