Final Loan Requirements

Final Loan Requirements

Okay, you're getting close!

Your home inspection is completed, your appraisal is either ordered or finalized and there's just a couple of steps left.

One of those steps is addressing your final loan requirements.

Your lender will be reaching out to double and triple check everything. Here’s a sample list of items they’ll be requesting:

-Updated bank statements
-Updated pay stubs
-Double checking your credit at the last second
-Verifying your employment again

Now, I know that you’ve submitted lots of documents and completed many forms. AND…they may ask for stuff that you've even already submitted. BUT…this is all part of the process.

Hang in there! Get them the information they request. It's the last bit of documentation they're going to need in order to sign off on your loan and get it through final underwriting.

We have to remember that if you and I were going to loan somebody $400,000, we would also want to triple check everything before handing it over!

Keep after it, you’re almost there! If you do get stuck with any of the documents or steps, let us know right away.

Communication with your agent and lender during these final steps is paramount for a smooth closing.


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