Live with Laura - Valentine's Day Edition

When it comes to house hunting, what men and women decide on can be very different. Women tend to drive decision  on the floor plan and layout and men tend to have more to say with the location. Some of the biggest motivators for women are interior finishes, family and entertaining spaces and organizational features. Ample pantry spcae, bathrooms with a tub and shower, a large laundry room, small offices and a master bedroom "retreat" rank high on women buyer lists. 

For men, the homes location, outdoor spaces, and fitness are big winners. They also prefer homes with a movie/media room, three car garage and green technology are ranked high. Additionally they are willing to invest in premium kitchen appliances. 

Overall, when it comes time to buy a house, 92% of all purchases are led by women. When couples tuly unterstand the other's personal preferances, the house hunting process goes more smoothly!! 

Happy Valentines Day!! 

Excerpts from the WSJ Friday February 14, 2020 

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