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“The Tortuous Task of Downsizing”

Before moving to a smaller place there is a lifetime of stuff to disperse and discard, move managers can help

22% of people ages 64-72 who sold their home in 2018 – most downsized and purchased smaller less expensive ho me than they sold.

Most people over the years have accumulated a massive amount of stuff. Collections, memorabilia, children’s artwork and keepsakes have a way of multiplying. There are even groups/organizations out there for hoarders. Organizing and knowing what to keep and discard can be a task that causes stress and anxiety that some people look to professionals to help with. Sometimes it takes someone who can persuade you to get rid of a lot of stuff.

Handing off things that other people are interested in like some cloths, furniture, record albums and books may be able to be donated. Beyond that the next step is more challenging, deciding what to do with everything else. For this consider hiring a move manager.

Now this process can take months so start early. Much of the focus should be on getting rid of things and coordinating the move. But the real challenge is persuading people to “let go” of the items they have held for decades. Consider how the move management company approaches the job. Look for companies that are experienced in organizing item with tools like color coding items with stickers to designate their status. If they go to new house one color, if they are donated another color and so on.

In the end the process can be emotional but also liberating. There are many companies locally that specialize in helping to downsize prices can range from 2,000-6,000 depending on the level of items and the process can take 2- 3 months. Contact me at Laura@KNErealty for more information and recommendations on move management companies.

Live with Laura – KNE Realty - Reference from the WSJ Article Friday January 24th 2020

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