Check These BEFORE Closing on a House

Check These BEFORE Closing on a House!

Your closing day is fast approaching and the house is almost yours!

There are a few things left to take care of during the last week leading up to your closing, so let's review those right now.

First, you will prepare your down payment and closing funds. If your funds are already sitting in your bank account, that’s great! You are ready to go!

If you are utilizing funds from the stock market, mutual funds, or retirement accounts, be sure to prepare accordingly. These accounts can sometimes take up to 10 days to liquidate and “clear” before they can be wire transferred to the title company.

Check with your account manager so you are aware of your timeframes regarding availability of funds.

Next, a couple days prior to closing, you will do a final walk-through of the property.

The purpose of this walk-through is to ensure the property is in the same condition it was when you agreed to purchase.

If any repairs were to be made, this is the time to triple-check they have been completed.

Also, you will need to set up the utilities to be transferred into your name on the day you are taking possession.

Electric, gas, water and sewer are the main ones. You don’t want to be in the middle of moving in and have the lights go out!

Finally, confirm with your movers, if you are using them, that they are all set for your move!

Exciting times! We’ll see you soon at the closing table!


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