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KNE Connects (Legacy Podcast)

KNE Connects is a podcast created by KNE Realty 360 that aims to inform, educate, inspire and connect. Hosted by KNE Realty team members, the podcast gives vital knowledge and insightful tips on home buying and selling, mortgages, loans, finances and all things real estate from successful and professional Michigan real estate agents!

Connects also comprises special, superhero episodes that highlight amazing people! These "Superhero Episodes" consist of fascinating and inspiring converstations with local and community heroes, from veterans to business owners, and first responders to philanthropists. 

Who is it for?

Although part of our goal is to connect the Livingston County community in Michigan, KNE Connects is for any and all listeners who are interested in real estate and inspirational people!


Leatherneck Reconnect Founders Matt Dudley and Mike Lose | Episode 15

Warrior Path Home Founder Jill Haas | Episode 14

Navy Veteran Carla and Daughter Emily | Episode 13

Certified Financial Planner Jimmie Plaskey | Episode 12

Livingston Vet Fest Founders Josh Parish and Joe Riker | Episode 11

Retired Marine and Veteran Advocate Dave Denhardt | Episode 10

Veterans and Allen Edwin Homes | Episode 9

Buying Process for New Construction | Episode 8

Having a Child with Rett Syndrome | Episode 7

Deep Dive Into the VA Home Loan | Episode 6

Paramedic, Veteran and Real Estate Agent Ryan Ritzert | Episode 5

What is it Like to Own a Haunted Attraction? | Episode 4

All About Home Loans and Mortgages | Episode 3

Getting to Know Crystal Baker | Episode 2

Who is KNE Realty? | Episode 1